Zoom F8 teardown

Since I posted photos of the internals of a MixPre 6 before, thought it might be fair to display the guts of SD's main rival in this market, the Zoom F8... The differences in layout between F-series and MixPre are telling, to say the least. The F-series is a serious puzzle box, I wasn't sure … Continue reading Zoom F8 teardown


Teardown of Sound Devices MixPre 6 (gen 1)

It's good to know your gear, and I've been a real big fan of Sound Devices' MixPres because they are generally free of the analog corner-cutting you find in most prosumer stuff. This should be celebrated, because that's the way the market should be. Companies generally gut analog stages then add all kinds of bells … Continue reading Teardown of Sound Devices MixPre 6 (gen 1)