As a pianist, I am very particular about sound quality, but I am even more particular about creating an environment where musicians feel free to take risks and use recording as an opportunity to explore the music. Currently I don’t have my own recording studio, but I am based in Kingston, NY, and can travel throughout the Hudson Valley. We can work together to find a suitable location for your project.

I am currently equipped to record chamber music and small ensembles, outdoors or indoors, with a maximum of 8 individual channels. I am also equipped to run live-streams from one video channel, routed to one streaming platform of your choice, but can record to multiple cameras for a later video release.

I use bespoke, hand-built, low-noise, low-distortion microphones made in the USA and Sweden, and high-definition audio recorders (also made in the USA) with backup battery power in case of power failures, unreliable power sources, or outdoor sessions (please give me a heads up if your session is taking place outdoors, because this always requires advance planning).

Work rates:

Location recording—$50/hr for audio only, $70/hr for audio/video, $0.55/mi travel costs (calculated to the fastest route)

Post-production (mixing, editing, noise reduction, mastering, file-production)—$50/hr for audio post-production, $70/hr for audio/video post-production

  • For post-production work, this rate is charged per the amount of material per post-production request. The point of this is to keep everyone on task.
  • Example scenario: a 90-minute concert with audio and video yielded 56 minutes of actual material (excising intermission, pauses between works, etc.—this is negotiable). Option 1, no post-production work: I can give you the raw files to do with as you wish and you are only charged for my time at the venue and travel. Option 2: If you want me process the audio and edit the video, we decide on a delivery format (one long take, individual pieces/movements, .mov, .wav, .aac, etc.) and you will be charged $65.33, no matter how long it takes me to do the work (i.e., as efficiently as possible!), because this is the amount of material I had to work with. Provided there were no problems with the delivered files, any additional requests will incur the same fee, $65.33, no matter how small.